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Video tutorial & screenshots

  • Main Window
  • Main window
  • Main window
  • General View
  • General View
  • Main window
  • Shading feature for presentation.
  • Export a resulting graph as Image file.
  • Editing the axes

Publisher's description

Graph can draw normal functions, parameter functions, and polar functions. You can use a lot of built-in functions, e.g. sin, cos, log, etc. You may specify color, width and line style of the graphs, and the graphs may me limited to an interval. It is also possible to show a circle at the ends indicating open or closed interval.
You can save the coordinate system with graphs as an image on disk either as a bitmap (bmp), Potable Network Graphics (png), JPEG, metafile (emf) or Portable Document Format (PDF). You may also copy the coordinate system into another program, e.g. Microsoft Word, either as a normal image or as an OLE object, which may be edited later by double clicking on it.

What's new in version 4.4

Notice that the beta version is not fully tested, and it will therefore contain bugs and not fully implemented features. You should only use it if you are interested in participating in the test of Graph.

What's new in version 4.3

- Labels can now be rotated freely.
- Graph can now calculate the area under a parametric function.
- Zoom|Square will now keep the y-axis scaled equal to the x-axis until explicitly disabled.
- Checkboxes added to the function list to indicate visibility.
- You can now specify the exact placement of text labels.
- a^(b/c) is now handled as a special case and will be plotted correctly.
- The settings in the Animate dialog is now stored in the grf file.
- Equations and inequalities are now plotted faster, especially when printed.
- Fixed problem with animations that includes inequalities.
- Fixed bug crashing Graph when trying to differentiate a recursive function.
- Fixed bug in drawing shadings between functions.
- Several minor bugs have been fixed.
- Fixed and improved several things in the animation dialog.
- Fixed problem where Graph might stop responding when trying to find an extremum.
- Serbian, Croatian and Vietnamese translations added.

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